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London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent

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Hi! I'm Andy Hiccup and I'm a fun, friendly children's entertainer and magician for birthday parties and other family events. I'd love to come and entertain for you whatever the occasion, and I cover most of Surrey, Sussex, South London and West Kent (and some of Berkshire, Hants and Essex too)
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Children's Parties
Magic Shows
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Children's Parties

Andy Hiccup is full of fun, smiles and boundless energy and will bring excitement and joy to your children's party in bucketloads.

You and your children will simply love Andy's parties. He entertains with a hilariously funny magic show, balloon modelling, party games, crazy close-up magic and cheeky puppets. Brilliant!

His birthday party magic show is filled with fantastic fun routines that will make the party children laugh out loud from start to finish. His show has tons of visual comedy, he gets helpers up at every opportunity to help him (though he never forces them to if they are shy) and the whole audience is invited to help him in a variety of fun creative ways.
He will make sure your child’s birthday will be one of the best days ever. guaranteeing all the children have an incredible amount of fun, everyone is thoroughly entertained and that the birthday child gets to feel very special on their birthday.

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Andy is the ideal choice for childrens entertainers in Surrey. childrens entertainers in Sussex and also in South London and Kent too! (link)
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Children's entertainer Andy Hiccup does a little jig whilst waving his magic wand over a jug of milk
Magic Shows

Andy's magic shows are funny, fast-paced and crammed full of impressive magic just as magic shows should be. He has different amazing magic shows and routines for all kinds of audiences, and they can be performed practically anywhere no matter how big or small the venue. His magic for younger children is jolly and colourful, his magic for older children is edgy and daring, and many of his routines appeal to all ages all together.

Andy's shows are usually 45 or 60 minutes but can be longer or shorter on request and can be repeated throughout the day if required.

He has performed magic shows in schools, nurseries, shopping centres, holiday resorts, pubs, trains, sporting events, festivals, libraries, company parties, kids clubs and for housing associations. He has even performed magic shows in prisons, dental surgeries and even once in a church graveyard!

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Children's entertainer Andy Hiccup talks to his blue bird puppet who sits in a hat
Andy Hiccup pulls a funny face whilst holding and looking through a metal ring
Walkabout Entertainment

Andy entertains with wonderful roaming magic for both indoor and outdoor events. Small close-up magic out of his pockets, larger magic out of his suitcase, even full street entertainment style magic shows on the move, and all his roaming magic is charming and funny.

He can also do balloon modelling and may even ride his unicycle about for you too.

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A magic show in a school. Andy is crouching down, asking the children questions on a microphone.

Andy is an official member of Equity Children's Entertainers, have £10m public liability insurance, and is fully DBS checked (please note that children's entertainers for parties don't actually need a DBS nowadays as the laws have changed. Andy has one for after-school clubs and chaperone duties if you need him to have one for these)
Wide-mouthed entertainer Andy Hiccup with his arms full of cups, fruit and magic wands


A burst of sunny weather at the end of February means I have already done a few outside parties now this year.

It was my own son's birthday at the beginning of March. He turned 5. He's at "big school" this year and enjoying it immensely. My own children - I have three - have seen my magic show loads of times so I always have to come up with new routines for their birthday parties (I always do them myself, and why not!). The ones I did worked well and went down a storm. A little bit of tweaking and they'll be in my regular repertoire in no time.

I had lots of new photos taken this month which are now on the website, and I'm planning a new video as well to show off the magic I  perform in schools. Fab!

I have a few available dates at the end of March / beginning of April if anyone is still planning parties for then. That's when Brexit is supposed to happen, so it could be because people are being more cautious with their money around that time. Gets busy again for me at the end of April, and the summer season is looking great.
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