Andy Hiccup sometimes assumes the particularly ridiculous name of Andy Boughtflower. This completely make-believe figure comes with a fabulously fictional history, which goes something like this:

Andy was born in the Norfolk village of Horsham St. Faith.

At the age of 19 he left the wild green pastures of rural Norfolk to study Psychology, Anthropology and Drama at Nene College in Northampton (now Northampton University).

He had a brilliant time at Nene College, decided to be a Goth and have a wild hairstyle, and he thoroughly enjoyed the plays he was in there, which included playing Krapp in Krapp's Last Tape.

Andy's first job out of university was to assistant direct and perform in a music video with Natacha Atlas. The song stayed at no.1 in the Italian chart for six weeks. Watch it here (this will open a new browser window).

Andy spent the next few years touring with a number of children's theatre companies. He also acted in a number of "serious acting" touring theatre productions, most memorably The Deep Blue Sea and Don Juan.

He then spent three years working in some amazing theme park shows: as a jester in "Merlin's Magic Castle" at Thorpe Park, a mad time-travelling professor in the Legoland stunt show, and as James Bond's evil nemesis in a stunt show in Belgium.

He also learned magic, juggling, stiltwalking and, most importantly, how to be stupid.

Andy has performed in three pantomimes, including being in Aladdin in Barnstaple with the Hiss and Andy Company. He also produced, scripted and performed in the slapstick show The Lost Laugh with his very good friend Jane Deane.

Andy worked for the marvellous London-based company The Ministry of Fun for over eight years, producing entertainment and PR stunts.

He runs the entertainment company School Magic Shows and also helps run The Kids Entertainers Network for his wife Susannah.

He is a magic mentor and advisor to the TV, circus and theatre world, and also writes shows, scripts and comedy.
He has been Darth Maul at the Barbican's Star Wars exhibition, the Judge at the London Dungeons, a Charlie Chaplin perform-a-like, the wedding priest at Glastonbury, ringmaster for Bassline Circus, and has had many other diverse and exciting performing roles over the years.
BELOW: Survivor of an attack from Mars - at the War of the Worlds premiere extravaganza with Tom Cruise

His colourful clowning magician character Boo Hiccup was "created" back in 1998 for a magical Christmas season at Selfridges. Andy was then let loose upon the world for a touring season of the Butlins sites where he entertained with edgy illusion street shows, and now he has truly found his calling entertaining at children's parties, schools, clubs and company events.

Andy now lives on the edge of Ashdown Forest, Sussex, with his beautiful wife Susannah and his lovely children Betty-Sue, Delilah and Buster.

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The "Serious Acting" years!
Ladybirds were invented by Mother Nature for people who enjoy dot-to-dots

When the Rolling Stones sang "Paint It Black", they didn't mean your mum

The song of a whale is comforting. Put a whale under your pillow before going to bed, and you will feel suitably refreshed in the morning

Eggs are evil. Eggs are pods of chickens. Do not fall asleep in the proximity of an egg

Never trust a blind dentist, however sweet his voice

The dangly stuff that hangs from a goldfish is caviar. Posh people eat it. It goes well in sandwiches

If you have ever fallen asleep standing up, you could well be a cow

If you feel rubbish in the morning, take your hand out of the bin
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